Monday, 18 June 2012

Discovery: Les Higgins Subscription Figures

In an earlier post I mentioned the earlier Les Higgins ECW figures which were available on subscription. From Richard via John C of 20mm Nostalgic Reveival I have received this image of a letter from Les Higgins which accompanied the fulfiilment of an order for these figures. It may not be a complete list (the order may not have included examples of all the figures available) but it is the first time I have seen anything approaching a list for these figures, so I thought it would be useful to post it here and also on The Old Metal Detector.

In case the photo is hard to decipher (it is not a scan) here is the list:

English Civil War


King Charles I with cloak
Royalist fencing (with cloak)
Royalist fencing
Cavalier standing
Cavalier for horse


Oliver Cromwell
Walking Roundhead
Roundhead fencing in low position
Roundhead fencing standing

Universal figures

Running musketeer
Musketeer shooting
Officer doffing hat
Pikeman standing
Pikeman receiving
Pikeman at push
Musketeer, gun on shoulder
Running figure
Trooper for horse

Other Periods

Guthram 878 AD with cloak
Grenadier 1742
Queens Cameron Highlander

Guthrum was a Dane who first defeated and then surrendered to King Alferd at the Battle of Chippenham in 878 AD. This figure is almost certainly the one posted last week by Harry P here on his Parum Pugna blog.

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