Friday 9 November 2012

Groves & Benoy - Boy Band 1812

I don't think that would be how they would have appeared in a catalogue (had there been one) and I suspect at least some of these are intended to function as muleteers. The one on the third from the left needs to work a bit on his dancing.

Groves & Benoy - not the next Archbishop of Canterbury

Made from a basic figure and some metal sheet, this is the famous Spanish priest.

Groves & Benoy - Ladies of Spain

Groves & Benoy - Spanish Gentlemen

Groves & Benoy - the Light Company

It seems that these figures represent the 33rd Foot (Yorkshire West Riding Regiment). This is a bit of a poser as they didn't serve in the Peninsular War, as far as I can determine. However, the other two lots from this seller, which Harry Pearson bought, comprise battalion company and grenadier company men from this regiment, as shown by the Regimental Colour they carry.

The light company seem to have two Rifles officers attached (and I'm sure Brig Benoy had never heard of Richard Sharp). O)ne of the light company officers seems to be a Frenchman with a paint job.

The sergeants are decorated with sashes appropriate to their rank.

Groves & Benoy - mules

I seem to have acquired 28 of these, which suggests Brigadier General Benoy's appointment as the BEF's Quartermaster General may have affected his wargaming rules.

Not all of them have their full loads or reins.

I suspect some of the civilian figures are intended as muleteers (some of the boy band, perhaps), though I am not sure which ones.

Wednesday 7 November 2012


What are these then? A major find from e-bay - I also won 28 mules and 14 Spanish Peninsular civilians.

Can anyone identify the manufacturer? Further pictures and the answer (if no-one gets it) will follow. If you think you know, please leave a comment below.

Clue: there are some pictures of figures by this maker elsewhere on the blog.

I am very, very, very pleased to have bought these figures - probably my second or third favourite purchase ever.