Monday 22 July 2013

Bellona Battlegame and Diorama Pieces

I am indebted to Mike for a series of photographs of his beautifully painted examples of many of the Bellona vacuum formed terain pieces, which are posted below.

The catalogue is available on a previous post here.

This series of posts has taken Vintage Wargaming, after a long hiatus, past the 500 posts count.

U-B5 Bellona WW1 German Trench Position

U-BB17 Bellona Nissen Hut in Natural Setting

U-RV8 Bellona Canal Wharf Set

This is the main piece - there were two further river sections and one sheet of rock face

U-A1 Bellona Row of Three Houses - Low Relief

U-D1 Bellona 1914-1918 Trench System

U-D2 Bellona The Menin Road

with and without ruined house

U-D3 Bellona The Redan

with and without bomb shelter roof

U-D4 Bellona Twin 88mm Gun Position

with and without bunker roof

U-D5 Bellona Fighter Dispersal Bay

with and without bunker roof

U-D6 Bellona 7.5ck Anti-Tank Strong Point

without and with bunker roof

U-D7 Bellona Ambush

U-D8 Bellona Fortified Beach Position

With and without pillbox roof

U-D9 Bellona The Ravine

UD-10 Bellona Roman Marching Fort

U-D11 Bellona three Nissen huts in natural setting

U-D12 Bellona Ancient Hill Fort

U-D13 Bellona American Civil War Log Fort

U-D14 Bellona English Civil War Star Fort

U-D16 Bellona Bunker Hill - American War of Independence

U-D17 Bellona Iwo Jima Strong Point

With and without bunker roofs

Bellona and others - earthworks and defensive works

Non-Bellona - crashed Beaufighter

Not Bellona, but Mike can't remember the name of the manufacturer. I have never seen this before, but it is an impressive piece.