Saturday 24 September 2011

René North's Uniform Charts - 2

A lsiting of the René North unifom charts from an old Hinton Hunt catalogue.

Next post will have some more of the uniform information available at the time through Hinton Hunt.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

René North's Uniform Charts

Further to the post on René North's Paint Your Own Uniform Cards, here are a couple of his uniform charts - for Austrian Infantry Regiments 1800-1808 and French Dragoons

Sunday 18 September 2011

René North's "Paint Your Own" Uniform Cards

If like me you were always intrigued by René North's Paint Your Own uniform cards but never saw any, this might help - again, from Jack Scruby's 1962 catalogue.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Helpful Hints from Jack Scruby, 1962

Top Tips from Jack Scruby, from 1962, with a rather nice signed photo.

These are taken from a 1962 catalogue. Apologies for the quality of the scans - if they are printed on thin paper there is always a dilemma about whether to sharpen the image or not, as this can increase the "show through" from the other side. I hope they are legible.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

John G Garratt and Charles Sweet

Not strictly wargaming, but interesting nonetheless, an article from the Surrey & Hants News Tuesday August 12th 1980. John G Garratt was the author of Collecting Model Soldiers, Model Soldiers for the Connoisseur, and The World Encyclopaedia of Model Soldiers.

From Model Soldiers for the Connoisseur, below is a further picture of Charles Sweet's American War of Independence gridded set up, shown previously here.

Friday 2 September 2011


Thanks to Billy for sending me this picture of some of the 112 similar figures he has, asking for identification. They are cardboard with metal stands.

A vague memory and a minute on Google (other search engines are available) confirmed they are the rather stylish playing pieces from the military board game L'Attaque, which also formed the basis for the later Stratego. See Boardgame Geek for L'Attaque, and Wikipedia for Stratego.

I never had the game L'Attaque but I did have Dover Patrol, a sort of naval equivalent. I also remember there being a combined arms game called Tri-Tactics, and apparently there was another called Aviation (which I never came across).

BIlly is open to offers for his 112 game pieces. If any one is interested, e-mail me using the Contact Vintage Wargaming link in the right hand column, and I will forward this on.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Minimags Trouvees

My recent mention of Miniature Figurines House Magazine from the early 1970s has produced a good response - I recived scans of Issue Number 5 this morning (thanks Rob). I also have a copy of Issue Number 2 on its way from another source.

My intention is to post some material here and some on the Lone S Ranger blog.

The contents of Issue Number 5 include:

Part 5 of a series on painting for beginners by Dick Higgs
Reference Books at a Price, by Eric Rayment (posted below)
Simple Historex Conversions
A series of uniform notes, illustrated with
line drawings by Peter Heath
- Part 2 of Russian Cuirassiers, 1812-1814
- Train D'Artillerie de la Garde, 1800-1815
- Light Cavalry of the Grand Duchy of Berg, 1807-1814
- Confederate States of America, Cavalry, Horse Artillery and Infantry

Reference Books at a Price, by Eric Rayment, from Miniature Figurines Magazine Volume 1 Number 5

Following on from recent posts on Almarks and Blandfords, here is a contemporary view of these two series and other uniform reference sources available in the early 1970s, published in the MIniature Figurines House Magazine.