Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Combat at Pigeon's Ranch by Chares Grant

This version of this article is from Wargamer's Newsletter #77 August 1968, athough it is reprinted from an earlier Wargamer's Newsletter. I don't have this earlier version so I don't know in which issue it first appeared.

It is of particular interest as it relates to Charles Grant's earlier American Civil War gaming, which as I understand it predated the SYW set up represented by The War Game.

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Old School ACW said...

Very interesting Clive, more so as I believe this is the third battle Grant Sr fought against his son in their campaign. The two earlier battles were "The Battle for Sawmill Village" and "The Defense of Citadel Heights". Both of these may be found in the October 1987 copy of Military Modelling.

The original publication for this battle report must have been in the late 1950s.