Monday 30 May 2011

Blog Archive

At Foy's suggestion, I have added a blog archive to allow people to track past posts through time, as an alternative to searching using labels. The only space I have been able to find for it is at the bottom of the blog. Maybe not the most helpful place for it, but at least if you know about it and you want to use it, it's there.

Sunday 29 May 2011

"Recent Comments" feature added

Vintage Wargaming is perhaps not a typical blog, as the currency of posts does not depend on how recently they were made (mainly being about old stuff). For a while I have realised that some of the comments left on this blog may be missed by some visitors, as they may be to posts made some time ago, as new people discover the blog and delve into its earlier content. This seems a shame, both for people who have made comments which may not be generally seen, and for people who may miss comments which would be interesting or informative for them.

I have added a blogger gadget to the blog design, under the followers box in the right hand margin. This will display summaries of the ten most recent comments - clicking on them will take you to the comment, in the context of the original post.

I'll run this as a trial feature and if people like it will stick with it.

Monday 23 May 2011

Marcus Hinton at work and play


Priceless Pathe newsreel footage of Marcus Hinton, tipped off to this by Paul in Oz, and beaten to putting it up by Ian at Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargames Figures blog

Click on the picture to view.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Miniature Figurines WW1 Warships range listings

Following a thread on TMP I thought it would be helpful to post this list here.

There are pictures of some of the models in two posts on Bob Cordery's Wargaming Miscellany blog




Tuesday 10 May 2011

Free Form Flags

A recent e-bay purchase of old Alberken/Minifigs 20mm figures included these two hand drawn, rather impressionistic flags. As I rather like them, I thought I would share them here.