Saturday 27 November 2010

Order sheets

I am indebted to Mike for sending these scans of front and back covers and order sheet from the order pads produced by Shire Publishing as an accessory to their range of wargame books, including Arthur Taylor's Rules for Wargames, and John Tunstill's (name spelt wrong on the Shire list) Discovering Wargames.

John Tunstill also produced order pads among the wargames accessories available from Miniature Warfare magazine. The advert from April 1970 seems to sum up one philosophy of 1970's wargaming - "negates all argument". How things have changed (or not).

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Saturday 13 November 2010

Scruby Figures

Jack Scruby was a giant of US wargaming and while known in the UK through the link up with Don Featherstone and Wargamer's Newsletter, his figures didn't cross the pond to any great extent. It is particularly noticeable that images of Scruby figures on the web are few and far between (although the figures themselves are available through Mike Taber at Historifigs)

A while ago I tried to redress this a little over on the Old Metal Detector, in part with pictures of the 30mm Napoleonics from John C Candler's Miniature Wargames du temps de Napoleon. I am grateful to Bill who has sent me a large collection of photographs of figures from a variety of the Scruby ranges. I have posted a slideshow of 25mm Napoleonic types over on The Old Metal Detector and below a similar one of figures from the 30mm Napoleonic range.

Further pictures of the 30mm ACW line will follow in due course.

Thursday 11 November 2010

Springwood Plastics

Thanks to a swap with Fire at Will I have now got my greasy fingers on some Springwood Plastics figures. As I mentioned in earlier posts these seem to have completely slipped under my radar when they first came out. They are smart practical wargames figures which I could imagine working well with, say, Rose metals. The figures here are British infantry painted by Will as Portuguese.