Wednesday 13 August 2014

More SEGOM - on horses this time...

Whenever I think I have completely stopped looking at ebay, some kind soul will email me and say - have you seen this ooh shiny thing? Are you going to buy it? - so I have Paul in Oz to thank for pointing out these SEGOM cavalry a few weeks ago. They weren't identified as SEGOM, and I think the cavalry are even rarer over here than the infantry.

The lot I bought had 18 horses, plus one without a base and one half horse - this will be explained below - and around 30 riders. I have spent the last few days repainting them and here they are:

French Dragoons

French Cuirassiers

Prussian Lancers

The horses are of two part construction, rather like Rose 20mm or Lamming Medieval ones. I hope this is clear from the pictures. The unpainted horse shows how the neck fits (or doesn't).

Full horse showing neck join

Half horse

Apart from the roll on the horse's shoulders (holsters etc) you have to paint on your own horse furniture.

I am very pleased with this acquisition from a collecting point of view.


Conrad Kinch said...

Nice work there. Evilbay does have a siren call - every so often I think I've crawled away from it and then...

Colin Ashton said...

I remember these from waaaaaaay back