Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pre Miniatures Page Tension

The Minifigs S Range Seven Years War Austrian Grandisca Slovenian Frontier Infantryman recommended by Stuart Reid for service as dismounted Jacobite Hussars.

If the past really is a different country and they did things differently there, the basic nature of wargamers and the Dennis Wise-like ability of a high proportion to start an argument in an empty room seems to date back to early days.

Such an exchange underpins the two articles posted here from Miniature Warfare magazine (April and December 1970). While expressed in slightly more stately terms than many a current day Internet based discussion, there is an elegant hint of scorn on display in the first and last paragraphs of Stuart Reid's article.

I found Stuart Reid's notes on available figures interesting, in particular the reference to Lamming Seven Years war figures. I have never seen these, or any pictures of them; in a later article in 1972 he mentions that Lamming have ceased to make them. i do have a reasonable number of the S Range Jacobite Rebellion figures, which are among my favourite ranges.

This post is intended to be the first in a short series of Jacobite Rebellion (45) posts. This will include Start Reid's later Miniature Warfare articles on refighting the Jacobite Rising of 1745-1746. I have parts 1 and 3 of this series but am missing part 2, which was published in April 1972. If anyone has this article and can provide me with a scan to share here, I would be very grateful. (I have permission from John Tunstill, the publisher of Miniature Warfare, to reproduce material here).