Thursday, 2 July 2009

Charles A Sweet: The Early Years

These pictures are from Making and Collecting Military Miniatures, a book by Bob Bard and published in the States in 1957. I am indebted to Doug from Unfashionably Shiny for drawing this book to my attention. One chapter considers wargaming at the time in the United States, including rules, on Wellsian lines.

Here Charles Sweet is using (I believe) 30mm figures on a gridded system. There is a pleasing aesthetic to the pictures. Does anyone want to identify any of the figure used?


DC said...

I am sure you are right about 30mm - most of the figures look like what today we would call Spencer Smiths. Back in the 1950s would they have been produced by SAE?

DC said...

Incidentally it's nice to see Sweet using a Plasticville 'Town Hall' in his AWI game. I have one in a box awaiting construction and, fifty plus years after it was designed, it's still a lovely model.

Anonymous said...

I think the figures in the photographs are Holger Erikson's -still produced by/via Peter Johnstone in the UK.