Monday, 17 January 2011

Wargaming in the Twin Cities, 1966 - take 2

David Wesely, one of the subjects of the 1966 article posted below, has been in touch. This has proved one of the most widely read posts on this blog and provoked a flurry of comments, new readers, and followers. I thought people might be interested in what David said:

A friend sent me to look at your site tonite. I was amazed to see the
Wargaming in the Twin Cities, 1966 picture, which I immediately
recognized because I have a copy on the wall in my office. My copy is
in much better shape than the one you have; but then I am the guy in
the yellow-shouldered sweater! I also still have most of the Scruby
figures seen on the table, which went on to serve in many more battles.
Some of the figures should be Hinton Hunt (though I cannot spot them in
the pictures) and some are very early work from GHQ (before they
invented the first 1:285 scale microarmor). Looking at the picture
takes me back. Most of the gamers went on the many more battles too,
notably Dave Arneson (in green at the far end of the table). And the
table (with the same scenery, but laid out differently) became the site
of the first Role Playing Game, Braunstein.

Thanks for getting in touch David, and for the extra information.

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varden kenzei said...

I am truly, deeply moved.

I've been playing D&D since 1982 and I have just seen (the closest thing to) the birth of roleplaying gaming.

Thank you!