Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Siege Warfare - Siege Warfare in the Pennsula 1808-1814 by David Chandler

The Hinchliffe Handbook for Wargamers and Collectors was published in 1976. Spiral bound, it contained lists and Norman Swales' line drawings of Hinchliffe ranges, with articles including one by Scotty Bowden on Organization and Uniforms of the American Civil War by Scotty Bowden.

I had been saving up the second article, by David Chandler, as a possible post here. When I contacted Ian Hinds of Hinchliffe for permission to use it, he told me it has actually been republished in Miniature Wargames, with lots of lush photos, around 14 months ago.

However, for those who hadn't seen it, I thought it would be useful to have the original version available. Thanks to Ian Hinds for agreeing to its posting here.

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