Saturday, 26 June 2010

Paddy Griffith: A Blast of Grapeshot, Wargamer's Newsletter

I have been wondering what would be an appropriate way to mark the sad passing of Paddy Griffith. There are on line obituaries from those who knew him, such as Bob Cordery's here, and personal memories on a number of fora.

I thought it might be appropriate to post some examples of his earlier articles, which people may not have seen before. In no particular order, the represent his scholarship, his robust line in argument, his wide ranging interests, his willingness to challenge and question established orthodoxy, and his innovation in wargaming.

Reading some of the personal reminiscences, I seemed to recall seeing an article by him on alcohol - the missing factor in wargaming. I have spent much of today looking for it without finding it, so I don't know if this was real or imagined. It would have made an appropriate tribute to an affable man, and would have achieved a pleasing symmetry with Jack Scruby's article on Smoking and Wargames, posted here.

In the first of a series of five posts, here is an energetic response to Fred Vietmeyer, writing in Wargamer's Newsletter. As my copy of this issue has lost it's cover and front page, I can't tell exactly when it was published.


DC said...

Clive - Thanks for posting these, an excellent idea, and a fitting tribute to Dr Griffith i think. BTW, 'War, Wargames and Strong Drink' is in WN no.195, June 1978 - let me know if you need a scan. Cheers.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Thanks Doug, I should be able to find it - I got up to about 195 then gave up!