Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Napoleonic Siege Wargame play test - British artillery

The British artillery park beyond the line of countervallation centres on the rocket battery - S Range launchers, crew, draught horses and drivers, with Lamming limber and rocket wagon. An S Range heavy mortar and crew is visible on the front row. (Apologies for a fuzzy photo).

These two 18 pdrs on field carriages are from Fine Scale Factory, with Hinton Hunt crews. The guns scale out almost identically with the more easily available Hinchliffe 25mm model of the same piece.

Standing in as the ill-fated second heavy battery are these two Hinchliffe 18 pdrs (not 24 pdr as I previously thought), one on a garrison carriage, the other on a naval carriage. Really these should also have been on field carriages but they were what was available to us. As events unfurled, these four guns were barely enough and did not themselves secure a breach.

Other supporting artillery included rocket, field, mortar and howitzer batteries. While the rockets enjoyed one success they also blew themselves up, and the mortars proved extremely ineffective at counter battery fire. In the end the British would have done better with fewer specialised and more general batteries.

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