Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Napoleonic Siege Wargame play test - the assault

The crater at the front is from the first mine, which exploded underneath the glacis. The third successful British mine destroyed a bastion, the ravelin, and the section of wall under bombardment from the sole remaining 18 pdr.

Two battalions of Hessians marched forward to block the breach, their skirmishers to the fore.

The first battalion was routed before contact and the Portuguese attackers took the ground. The second battalion of defenders fell back into the town.

More allied battalions pour into the town.

The Portuguese in possession.

At any point in the siege either side can opt to "go tactical". This indicates a shift from siege rules where one bound equals twenty four hours, to tactical rules where a bound represents half an hour. The tactical rules are to cope with sallies, raids, assaults and other occurrences. They are a cut down version of Tony's main battle rules, which are hex based and computer managed.

The siege and tactical rules are not yet computerised, as we were testing them to make sure they are workable first. More play testing is required, with various tweaks suggested by our weekend's experience.

I will be posting some photos from the pitched battle we fought between Portuguese/Spanish and Italian/Spanish forces on the other figure blogs.

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