Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Siege Warfare - Christopher Duffy's Fire & Stone

One of the books that suffered excessive borrowing from my local library in the mid-70s was Christopher Duffy's Fire & Stone: The Science of Fortress Warfare 1660-1860.

Although fascinating in its own right, one of the major attractions was Appendix 3: 5 pages of simple rules for conducting a siege, accompanied by photographs of a siege wargame conducted by the Kriegspiel Soiety of RMA Sandhurst. This proved siege wargames were possible....

Duffy's rules have formed the start point for others, from Henry Hyde's War of Faltenian Succession siege rules to Tony's rules we were play testing in North Berwick last weekend

First published in 1975, Fire & Stone was reprinted in a smaller format by Castle Books in 2006.

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Ross Mac said...

Great book, since the Siege rules are basically Charge! plus some special siege bits and we use Charge! for our homecast 40mm games, we are now in the planning stage to use Duffy's rules for a siege at an HMGS con next year. Have just ben reading through your siege & assault entries and very much enjoying them.