Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hinchliffe System 12

Sometime in 1976, I remember a full - maybe double - page advert in (I think) Military Modelling, advertising a whole system of Napoleonic figures and scenic items. It looked a very exciting concept and was Hinchliffe's System 12. Sadly, by the time I assembled anything like enough money to buy some of the products, it had all fizzled quietly out. I think there may have been something about the figures all breaking off at the ankles - it certainly seemed to be a short-lived episode.

The scans are from te 1976 Hinchliffe Handbook and the December 1976 Hinchliffe price list.


Mike Cosgrave said...

I have a box of that somewhere - about 6 battalions British and French infantry, couple of artillery batteries, regiment of Cuirassiers, regiment of British dragoons; really badly painted. used to play them with with old Bruce Quarrie rules from the Airfix guide. (I wonder if those rules are out of copyright - I could scan them

The Old Metal Detector said...

Mike - I wouldn't - copyright is usually 70 years after the death of the author


Anonymous said...

I would love to buy mikes figures:

Bob D said...

Were there rules that went with System12?