Tuesday 5 June 2012

Battle of Brown Hills: early Chainmail Battle Report by Gary Gygax

The Battle Report of the Month in Issue No. 116 of Don Featherstone's Wargamer's Newsletter from November 1971 was entitled The Battle of Brown Hills (A Fantasy Combat Fought with the CHAINMAIL Rules) by Gary Gygax.

For those who need a YouTube fix, there is a brief clip of this "classic Chainmail scenario" at GaryCon II


Ken said...

Thanks for sharing that. The dragon seemed a bit much on Mr. Gygax's (requiescat in pace) part, but it was an entertaining read. :-)

...I'm pretty sure I still have my copy of Chainmail (along with copies of near-contemporaries Longsword and The Arte of Siege) downstairs. With some modifications and some "matchstick legions," I could get my sons into ancient gaming. Could go along with the RuneQuest campaign I'm planning for them.

Arkhein said...

Very cool old report! Thanks for posting it.

- Ark

casey said...

Hail, Iuz!