Saturday, 27 June 2009

Triang Countryside Rubber Buildings and Scenic Items

Similarly to the posts on Merit Trees and Scenics below, these posts have already appeared over on the Hinton Hunter. I hadn't started Vintage Wargaming when they first appeared, so I feel it is appropriate to post them here as well. Apologies if you have seen them before.

If you are of a certain age, or have spent time looking at photographs in venerable wargaming books or magazines, the chances are you will have seen these buildings, the Triang Countryside series. To what Triang described as OO/HO gauge they were used by early wargamers and are fondly remembered. They are still available, like many things, on e-bay, at a cost; and often they will now have hardened or cracked - if you can find a mint, fully flexible example you are in luck. I have a number of these, all acquired in the last couple of years; they give a pleasing old school feel to a table.

I have added posts for each of the scenic items in this line from the 60s (and possibly even the 50s). I have illustrated each post with an enlarged image from a 1961 catalogue, together with photographs of the examples I have. They have an authentically "grotty" historical character and seem to get even better with age. Some are of limited use with Hinton Hunt figures - the factory, oil tank, gasholder, coal dump and terraced house come to mind here. In addition to the items I have pictured there was a range of embankments, cuuttings and tunnels. There were also some trees, which were listed but not illustrated in the catalogue I have. I haven't seen these and have no pictures of them.On the pictures of my church, you can see a crack which is the result of hardening. Some have also warped a little - my feeling is this adds to the "hovelly" feeling quite nicely.

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