Saturday, 27 June 2009

Merit Trees and Accessories

Similarly to the posts on Triang Countryside Buildings, these posts have already appeared over on the Hinton Hunter. I hadn't started Vintage Wargaming when they first appeared, so I feel it is appropriate to post them here as well. Apologies if you have seen them before.

As well as the posts on Triang Countryside buildings range, I thought I would also add some information on Merit Trees and Railway Accessories, which were also used extensively by early wargamers. They were robust, well engineered and relatively easily available from model railway sources. They stand up well today for gaming use. I think the nearest current comparison for their trees I can come up with are those manufactured by Zvezda. I like these but find them fiddlier than the Merit ones. I know Pegasus do, e.g banana trees, but I haven't seen these.

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Martin T. said...

Good morning!

The old Merit range is now produced by Peco under the "Modelscene" label. The trees are not in production, however the fences, hedges, corn stooks, stone walls and buttresses, are.

Martin T.