Sunday, 7 June 2009

Peter Gilder In the Grand Manner series in Miniature Warfare 1970

While quarrying through John Tunstill's Miniature Warfare magazine, mainly looking for photographs of Hinton Hunt, S Range, Minifigs 20mm and other figures for the blogs, I came across this series by Peter Gilder, of which I have no recollection at all. As sometimes happened with Miniature Warfare, it seems to peter out after article 4, although it implies further articles are to follow. (I will check out whether it started up again after a gap of a few months).

Interesting for the title chosen by Peter Gilder, the articles are supposed cover the planning of a large Waterloo refight in Hull in 1970, including the organisation, planning and actual modelling for the battle, culminating in the actual battle towards the end of the year. He also offers the possibility of some readers getting involved in the project.

The series is illustrated with black and white photograph's of Gilder's terrain and Hinton Hunt figures.

The wargame itself should not be confused with his previous involvement in the 1965 Waterloo wargame at Chelsea Barracks.

I have posted the four articles I have found below. If more turn up. I will add them later.


Fire at Will said...

Thanks for posting, I missed parts 1 & 2. I don't remember anything after part 4.

Stokes Schwartz said...

This is fascinating stuff to read. Thanks so much!

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Stryker said...

Hi Clive

I'm surprised you don't remember this series as it was hugely influential on me at the time but perhaps you are a bit younger than me! I started building my HH Prussian army in a serious way after seeing these pictures of Guilders Waterloo set-up. Even now I still get a buzz from looking through those old issues of the magazine. The Swiss on the cover of March 1970 (as shown on the Hinton Hunter) may be my next unit...


Anonymous said...


I missed this first time round as I was only a wee lad, a fantastic find!


guy said...

This was v interesting. I am sure I have at home an early Military Modelling magazine which was from about 1972 which had a Gilder refight of Waterloo. I will try and find it. I started buying it regularly in about 1974 but I bought somewhere a stack of back issues. I will search.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Guy, there was an article I remember in which Peter Gilder played the French and John Braithwaite (Garrison) was the Duke. I don't currently have this article but if you can find it that would be very interesting. My recollection is that this was in PG's later Hinchliffe phase, but I may be wrong

Thanks for commenting


guy said...

First search last night did not find it. I am definately not having a senior moment as I have it somewhere. I can even picture the map used in the article. These older magazines were read repeatedly by me. The trouble is that I have piles of them so it is just a question of locating it. I will widen the search if it is as you say from a later date.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Guy, Doug Crowther has just posted it on his Unfashionably Shiny blog - there is a link on the left of this page, under Old Wargaming Online Resources. It was from September 1975. Gilder frenzy!


DC said...

Clearly great minds think alike....!? I thought that '75 article dovetailed quite nicely (as it just covers how the game was played) with the earlier series.
Do you have a write-up of the '65 Waterloo game (i am assuming that would have been covered in Newsletter)?

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Doug, I have most Wargamers Newsletters from 1969 but only the odd one before this, I'll check but I don't think I have anything from 1965.