Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The English Civil War by George Gush: Miniature Warfare 1970

Before publishing his marathon 24 part series on Renaissance Warfare in Airfix Magazine from June 1973 to May 1975, George Gush wrote a less well known series in 6 parts on the English Civil War for Miniature Warfare. These articles were illustrated with photographs of Minifigs 20mm English Civil war figures, including some interesting converted personality figures.

His other publications included the Airfix Magazine Guide 28: The English Civil War, with Martin Windrow 1973; contributed much of the excellent little Discovering English Civil Wargaming, edited by John Tunstill (1973); WRG rules (1979) for 1420-1700 and army lists (1984); Guide to Wargaming (1980); and Renaissance Armies 1489-1650, based on his Airfix Magazine series (1982).


DC said...

Thanks for posting this Clive - i have part of the series and now i can finally complete it.

Re. Gush - he wrote a short series on 'one day campaigns' in the first few issues of Miniature Wargaming that i thought was excellent - worth hunting out back issues just for those articles (and all those shiny Gilder figures of course). cheers.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Doug, I'll look them out and post at a later date



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

In the introduction to "Discovering English Civil Wargaming" Tunstill mentions that the book is made up of 'various articles reprinted from Minature Warfare' I wonder how many...?