Friday, 10 September 2010

Rospaks: Macedonian Phalangite

Among the figures resulting from a quick visit to Harry (see also Lone S Ranger for further details) was this single Rospak Macedonian Phalangite, from set AG 4, which seems to be quite rare.


Fire at Will said...

I gained a single Rospaks phalangite a while back a part of a bag of left overs. He's a bit lonely on his only and doesn't even have a shield.

I've posted my Rospak Greek army over on my blog.


Big Andy said...

Makes you think...there is nothing new under the sun.. all this ho har about plastic- ots old hat I remmeber it first time around with these- I used to have a bundle of Thracian Peltasts God knows where they went.