Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ros Napoleonic 25mm

I posted this on The Old Metal Detector, but thought it might be of interest here as well because of the previous items on Rospak hard plastic figures.

Prompted by Tony's post on his Prometheus in Aspic blog, I have dug out my few examples of Ros 25mm Napoleonics. They looked exciting when they came out, as they were very cheap, metal, and offered normal-but-exotic things like British infantry in Stovepipes. I dithered and never bought any, but have acquired a few since.

The pictures show Prussians, a small unit of Austrian infantry, and some French foot artillery (thanks to Iain for this last picture).


Bob K said...

Hi. I have started a blog recording the Ros 25mm series of figures. I was wondering if you have any objection to me using the picture of the Prussian command group on my blog? I will give full credit to the source of the picture.



Vintage Wargaming said...


Please do

Bob K said...

Many thanks!