Saturday, 25 September 2010

Revo 25mm Napoleonics

Rambling post ahead warning - a while ago I bought some interesting 25mm British Napoleonic figures from e-bay which turned out to be marked on the underside with Revo and serial numbers in the B 120s and B 130s. They are in campaign dress (at least with shako covers) and some are centre companies, some are flank company men. Then last week when sorting out some Spanish figures I found one guerilla figure which was also marked Revo.

While familiar with Revo flags I had no recollection of ever seeing Revo figures, and I have not been able to find any list. I did however find a couple of mentions in old Practical Wargamer magazines of REVO flags coming from Whittlesey Miniatures. I also found a reference to 25mm figures from Whittlesey Miniatures, though this has not come to hand when looking into writing this post.

I did however find a reference to the proprietor being Keith Over, and finally made a connection to the Keith Over who wrote the Flags and Standards of the Napoleonic Wars book published by Bivouac Books in 1976. This then made sense with Revo (expertise on flags) and the final piece of the jigsaw slotted in to place when I realised Revo is Over backwards. (I trade as esra solutions, but that's another story).

Anyway, the figures are attractive, just the wrong scale for me (20mm all the way). If anyone remembers these figures or has units or armies made up of them, or could say how wide the range was and what it included, your comments as ever would be very welcome.


Conrad Kinch said...

"(20mm all the way)"

Preach on brother! Testify!

DC said...


As far as i know Whittlesey still exist (though specialising in larger scale figures apart from a rather nice 30mm medieval range)and is still run by Keith Over. He does mould making and casting for at least one well known UK wargamer/sculptor/collector. Inevitably, when i went to look at the Whittlesey website just now it's down. I have vague memories of the Whittlesey 25mm ranges - i have a feeling Dumcan Mac used to sell them via Stratagem in the '80s, so maybe worth checking the back covers of some early MWs. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

If you're interested the Revo range is now made by Mick Yarrow
I bought a job lot of 25mm ECWs (and Revo are old 25mm and thoroughly compatible with Hinchliffe and Minifigs) and amongst them were these figures marked Revo.
Well I tracked down Mick, it turned out he had very few ECWs so he's just taken castings from the ones I bought and they look excellent.
I've been having problems with Minifigs ECWs - they're woefully inaccurate in many instances and the price has gone up from 70p each to £1.05/£1.15 in two years. The Revo figures fit in very nicely.
The range of Napoleonics he does is pretty wide. Check out the link.