Friday, 3 September 2010

Rospaks: Ancient Greeks

The picture shows three different packs of Rospak Greeks - AG1 Greek Hoplites, AG 2a spear armed peltasts, and AG 3 Greek Cavalry. One of these packs is stamped on the reverse of the header card by the seller, Military Services (T S Walsh), 87 Ellacombe Road, Longwell Green, Bristol, B'tton 4085.

For a more detailed account of these figures take a look at Hugh Walter's post on his Small Scale World blog here.

I have a commercial interest in this post as I currently have some of the Greek figures available for sale, including bagged sets of hoplites (these are the later versions without shield transfers). I also have some loose hoplites, peltasts, archers and cavalry figures. If you are interested in buying any of these hard to find figures, you can contact me using the e-mail link in the right hand column on this page under Contact Vintage Wargaming (below the list of blog followers).


Uwe said...

Hi Clive,

in case these guys do fit with 1/72 (I thought they are somewhat bigger?) I can help you with your commercial interest:-)


The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Uwe I would say they are compatible with 25mm metal figures of the 1980s. Does this help?