Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Georland Army - Infantry

My Georland Army will use Minifigs S Range French figures, mainly Franco Prussian War but augmented by some Crimean War red trouser era (Second Empire). This seems appropriate as George Alfred Keef's soldiers were Franco Prussian War types bought in bilk in the 1870's, although his figures were German-made 40mm demi-rondes.

So we will start with these Crimean figures:

Line Infantry

Imperial Guard Infantry

Zouaves and Turcos (the same figures, just different paint jobs)

Then the Franco Prussian War Infantry units:

Imperial Guard

Chasseurs a Pied


Turcos (the same figure with a different paint job)

Naval Infantry


Line Infantry (three battalions)

I still have to further research the Georland Order of Battle and work out which units these figures can represent.