Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Georland Army - Cavalry

I have been painting up and organising my various S Range Franco Prussian War figures, along with some Crimean figures which jointly form my Second Empire/Red Trouser French forces.

These are partly for FPW gaming but also for my intention to refight some of George Keef's campaigns from the 1870s and 80s as detailed in the History of Georland blog.

Figures are individually based on MDF (20x20mm for foot and 20x40mm for mounted) and then placed in movement trays accommodating six infantry in two ranks or three cavalrymen abreast. An infantry battalion is four companies of six figures and a squadron of cavalry two troops of three figures each.

Cpmmanders and some infantry unit command stands us circular bases of different sizes, showing different levels of command.

I'm going to photograph and post these over the next few days but here are the French (and Georland) cavalry for starters.


Chasseurs d'Afrique



Commanders (including the famous General Mercury)

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