Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Georland Army - Artillery

French Crimean War Horse Artillery

FPW gunners

Not the best photos I'm afraid, I will try to redo them some time. I also had difficulty with the straighten tool in photoshop for these two pictures.

They do display the basing and movement tray system I am using.

The guns are from the B&B Wargames 20mm FPW range. There are two different type of field piece, 4 pdr and 12 pdr.

There are also an S Range Mitrailleuse, two S Range Gatlings (which I may or may not use), and an Imperial Modellbau Mitrailleuse, available from the shop.

 I am currently awaiting more gunners of both sorts.

Drout's Artillery were one of the key units of the Georland Army and I suspect this will be represented by the Crimean Horse Artillery figures.

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