Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Scruby Miniatures pictures from John C Candler's Miniature Warfare du temps de Napoleon

A little burst of energy has seen me posting the photographs I have of Scruby Miniatures figures over on the Old Metal Detector blog here.

The black and white pictures are of the 30mm Napoleonics range; the colour photos are from a 1981 Ultimate Miniatures catalogue.

It is very difficult to find any images of Scruby figures on the internet, so hopefully posting these will be of some use.


John C. Candler said...

Good to see thz people still remember me.

We sold a total of 750 books "Miniature Wargames du Temps De Napoleon" mostly in England.

May revise it someday.

John C. Candler

The Old Metal Detector said...

John, how good to hear from you. Have you been using these rules continually from then? And do you mind me asking if you ever marketed your Napoleonique game mentioned on p 114 of the booklet?



Chris Maine said...


Once again I'm in awe! I purchased these rules for a hefty fee as they were touted as "The first Napoleonic Rules Set ever published". Do you know if this in fact is the case? Also, might you know how to contact Mr. Candler? Cheers,


Vintage Wargaming said...

Chris, the Courier's Timeline suggests they were the first rules produced for a specific period. Jack Scruby also produced generic horse and musket rules _ Fire and Charge - that year; Column Line and Square were two years later. My only contact with John was the comment left above - my Outlook is a bit temperamental with "new comment" notification e-mails for blogger comments and I don't have any e-mail address I could offer to forward anything from you to.

chrismaine said...


Thanks for the rapid response! Sad to see there's no way to contact the author. I would have liked to have seen information on the Napoleonique set. Sounded as quite an advanced marketing strategy for its time.


Vintage Wargaming said...

Well you never know Chris, he might read your comment and respond...

Grognard1789 said...

I wonder what John would think of these?