Thursday, 18 March 2010

A 50th anniversary - War Games Digest British Issue September 1960 - My War Games Table and Figures, by Lionel Tarr

A real curiosity is this copy of the British Edition of War Games Digest, edited by Don Featherstone and Tony Bath, from September 1960. A short lived interlude saw a British Edition of the War Games Digest published in March and September, interspersing the US edition produced by Jack Scruby in June and December. This experiment was short lived and ended in tears two years later with a disagreement over editorial policy. This was followed by Jack Scruby launching Table Top Talk, and Don Featherstione starting Wargamers Newsletter,later that year (1962)- so it really was a moment of creative differences..

The Courier's Timeline of the Historical Miniatures Wargaming Hobby has links to Don's article and the editor's exchange on the subject.

I think this must be the second of the British Editions and I will probably post more of the content in the coming months.

As a start, here is Lionel Tarr's article on his war games table and figures for his famous Stalingrad campaign.

I apologise if the scans are difficult to read. As this is 50 year old roneod typescript this is not too surprising. I have run them through the high pass sharpen on paint shop, but it seemed to me it would be of interest to see the article in its original form. The alternative would be to scan for optical character recognition to transcribe the article into text. This would be quite time consuming so for the moment I am following plan A.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Fascinating - i'm interested in the comment about chess and the nazi commandant - was Lionel a POW in the second world war perhaps???

Anonymous said...

Apparently he was taken prisoner at Arnhem.