Saturday, 27 March 2010

Don Featherstone and the Sands of Time: Terrain, from War Games Digest British Issue September 1960

Back in the day, sand tables were the height of wargaming technology. Here Don Featherstone brings to bear some insights from his other life as a physiotherapist. The sand table through the floor is an interesting variant on the lead soldiers through the ceiling story.

I've checked, and a copy of Sgt Major Sloman's book is currently available on Abebooks at £7.50...


johnpreece said...

That is wonderful! so much fantastic detail, I love the plasticene houses.

I remember blisters from trying to smooth out vast quantities of the stuff. It gets harder and harder as time passes.

Complete indifference to the H&S lobby as well. Still he has made 90+ so it cannot have been too harmful.

Old School ACW said...

With regard to the War Game Digest, is there anywhere an article index?