Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Something in the air...

Something a little different and looking for some help in identifying this aircraft. It's a Skybirds type wood and metal kit, I imagine from the 30s or 40s, and I think of a Great war scout type aircraft. I've looked through a Skybirds list and haven't found anything I think it could be. Can any kind reader identify the type of aircraft for me? And perhaps suggest who may have manufactured it?

A quick google on aircraft serial numbers suggests that 609 (the number on the rudder) was in a block allocated to the army and used between 1912 and November 1914, initially for prototypes, but later used for normal orders.

Bad form to answer my own question - I have now googled a bit harder and found that 609 was the serial number for the SE 2, and I can confirm this is a model of that aircraft.

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