Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Dover Amendments

Harry Pearson writes:

The Dover Coven

The Dover Amendments were designed by Charles Grant and “The Dover Coven” to use in conjunction with WRG 3rd Edition. Charles Grant mentions them frequently in his writing, notably in The Ancient Wargame and Ancient Battles for Wargamers, but I am not sure if they were ever published.

The Coven was a large, loose body of likeminded gamers from the Dover area who met at Grant’s house on Sundays. The photo shows (l-r) Rob Waldren, Charles Grant, Chris Spriggett, Peter Sheppard, Ray McGarry (on chair), Andrew Green and Ian Osborn. Other members included Alan Stoneman, David Matthews, Chris Longhurst, Martin Dice, Gregory Perry, Alan Bennett, Alan Angus, Derek Casey, Mark Smith, Nigel Andrews, Stanley and Martin Medrow, Andrew Mummery and Barry Martin. Charles Grant junior does not seem to have been much involved in the ancient games.

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