Thursday, 16 April 2009

Battle - the Standard Indoor Game

"Battle, as the newest standard indoor game, will be as much a part of the home as a pack of cards, or a draught board"...."Battle is not a passing craze, and is not intended to catch the public eye for a season, to be dropped."

I have a copy of a game called "Battle", whose sole makers and proprietors were Brooks & Co of Spiceal Street, Birmingham. There are 32 playing pieces, to be used on a chess board, a rule set and a blue advertising leaflet. My set came in a small cigar box. It was priced at 2/6 a set, and if in mahogany, 5s post free. There is no indication of date anywhere, but the cover cites the Patent 376/08. I haven't yet been able to discover if the year of registration can be deduced from this number - could it be 1908? From the types of units covered by the pieces and in the rules (gun battery, shell battery, cavalry) I would suspect id dates from maybe 15 years either side of the Great War. Gamages, who are listed as the retailer, opened in High Holborn in 1878 and closed in 1972. If anyone has any further information about this game, I would be glad to hear from you.

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