Tuesday, 2 April 2013

15mm Ancients Strip Figures Yahoo Group

While I haven't been posting much at all here recently, you may have noticed that 15mm and Ancients are two things which do not feature here much. I'm therefore pleased to pass on details of a new Yahoo group started by Karl called Strip_Minifigs_Ancients.

It describes itself:

This is a group dedicated to collecting, painting, playing with and preserving the memory of the earliest 15mm Ancient Wargame Figures.

The focus is on figures originally produced before 1980, most commonly represented by the "Strip" Minifigs, but including Mike's Models, Peter Laing, Heritage, Blood Axe, Ral Partha and other manufacturers to be identified through this group.

If this interests you I would encourage you to check it out and sign up to it - only just started so not much activity yet.

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