Thursday, 15 December 2011

Plastic Artillery Conversions by John Edgecumbe

This article from Miniature Warfare magazine February 1970 just about scrapes in to the Airfix ACW theme as these German WW1 guns and equipment are converted from the Airfix ACW set.

At a time when pretty much anything you want is available from a range of manufacturers and in a range of scales, and where you can often view and buy them on line, this article reminds us of a different time, when modelling, converting, bodging and other ways of making do were necessary even for some mainstream items.

This will be the last ACW Airfix related post for a while. I do intend to add further articles to the series on Juhn Tunstill's Miniature Warfare ACW Campaign in Ireland (see earler posts here)


Ross Mac said...

Absolutely marvelous. When I read the bit about the underslung carriage, I suddenly thought "I've read this" ! The things that stick in your mind!

What marvelous work and memories. I've very much enjoyed all of the Airfix entries. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring - still nowadays. Thanks for sharing! Pat