Monday, 12 December 2011

An Airfix ACW army for beginners

From Miniature Warfare magazine 1972, this article by A. Mason goes into how many boxes of Airfix ACW troops you need to buy (at 17p per box)to get a matched pair of starter ACW armies, although distressingly he allows the idea of buying some metal command figures.

The pictures are unrelated to the article but support the general theme.


MSFoy said...

I was so impressed by the idea of getting both armies and a few beers out of £5 (and still having change for the tram?) that I started thinking about a new, budget-based set of wargame rules. We've all fought competition-type games where the armies are limited to a points total. How about a manufacturing cost? You can field any size of army (of a given scale, of course), as long as it cost you no more than £5, £10, whatever to produce it.

I am also deeply impressed with the idea of going to the trouble of converting Airfix cowboys rather than buying a 4th 17p box of cavalry. I guess the conversion was part of the fun, but were we really all that hard up? I suppose we must have been.

Maybe we were all 11 years old, of course. That would explain it.

Paul´s Bods said...

17p a packet!!!! Those were the days :-D

Anonymous said...

Even now, buying "original" Airfix ACW figures it is still a cheap way of building up a pair of wargames armies. Plus you can have fun with conversions. I am still 11 years old at heart!

Vintage Wargaming said...

Paul, I remember when they were 2/11