Thursday, 1 September 2011

Reference Books at a Price, by Eric Rayment, from Miniature Figurines Magazine Volume 1 Number 5

Following on from recent posts on Almarks and Blandfords, here is a contemporary view of these two series and other uniform reference sources available in the early 1970s, published in the MIniature Figurines House Magazine.


MSFoy said...

Astounding to think that Funcken books at £2 per volume were regarded as expensive - though £2 was probably a week's wage for an agricultural labourer at the time.

I can remember the 1970's - I hadn't realised it was quite that long ago.

Great to see these old mags - thanks, Clive


mekelnborg said...

We had double-digit (10pc plus) during the Carter years 76-80 and my pay went up from 300 to 1000 a month in that time. Still stuck around there since, though.