Saturday, 11 June 2011

Steve Hezzlewood, Pax Britannica, RSM and X Range

This post is by way of being a bit of a place holder and statement of intent, as I try to pull together some material of interest about this complicated character. My defining moment of contact with him was being blown away in around 1985 by adverts for a lovely new range of 20mm Colonials under the title Pax Britannica. Having sent off a largish order, I heard no more - it was only a few years ago realised I was not the only one to have had this experience.

Steve Hezzlewood designed some of the best, anatomically proportioned figures - in 20mm the Pax Pritannica and RSM Colonials, Napoleonics and American Civil War figures, now available from Dayton Painting Consortium in the States; the RSM 25mm Seven Years War Range (also available from DPC); and the Hinchliffe X Range American War of Independence - now available from Ian Hinds.

If you have not seen any of these figures, you really should take a look at them. The 20mm figures are what I would call small 20mm - think Newline.

For more on Steve Hezzlewood, including his Raid on Boucharde article from the Wargames Manual of 1983, can be found over on DC's Unfashionably Shiny blog.

There is also a history of Pax Britannica on Vintage20Mil.


drusty said...

We played these rules a lot in the 80s, with Spencer Smith plastic figures. Are the rules available on the Web anywhere?

Vintage Wargaming said...

I posted this five and a half years ago. The photo suggests I may have had a copy of these rules. I will look around and if I can find them I will let you know

Vintage Wargaming said...

drusty, I have found them. If you send me your email address in a comment (which I won't publish) I'll talk to you about them by email.

TKS Lee said...

I have several original copies if you would like one? I'm also looking at digitising a set as a PDF if that's of more interest?

Vintage Wargaming said...

Hi, that is my original copy pictured and I have scanned it into pdf format already, but thanks