Sunday, 12 June 2011

I just liked this....

I am very wary of claims to the spirit of wargaming (you know who you are) but something about this reminded me of the innocent pleasures of Charles Grant's Battle: Practical Wargaming.

Rapid Fire may be a little recent for Vintage tastes, but it has shared DNA with John Sandars rules and that is good enough for me.


Pjotr said...

Actually, the casualty table as used in Rapid Fire seems to be based on the Small-arms Chart in -I think- a little booklet with a Tiger-tank on the cover, titled "Modern Rules" by a certain Z.M. Iwaszko published in 1967. So that too would make it Old School. I guess it even predates "Battle" by Grant.


Big Andy said...

Nice idea for a bad cause -Rapid fire WW2 for the hard of thinking . Mind you the commercial was fun Dudes !!

John Tilson said...

Nice instructional vid if only I could have controlled my Headbanging to the music,at my age that can cause serious damage !!!!

Seb Palmer said...


Sorry to burst in upon this thread tangentially, but... @ John Tilson:

are you the same John Tilson who took part in the 1978 Battleground TV series? And if you are, would you mind corresponding with me about it?

I'm writing a series of posts about those programmes, as there seems sot be quite a bit of interest in it. Certainly I myself am fascinated by it, as the hobby hasn't had too many brushes with mainstream media!

I can be reached at 'seb at sebpalmer dot com'.
Best wishes