Saturday, 1 January 2011

Unidentified John Ruddle article

Over on his Wargaming Miscellany blog in November, Bob Cordery made a couple of posts (here and here) about the articles in one of the wargaming magazines of John Ruddle and his wargaming in the garden set up.

Yesterday I came across a small pile of old photographs and newspaper cuttings which I think have originally come from Don Featherstone and were collected (and some used) for Wargamers Newsletter.

Among them is this undated article from an unidentified publication which I thought might be of wider interest.

I'm sorry for the number and quality of the scans - the original is not in the best condition and my scanner can only cope with A4.


Ross Mac said...

Marvelous article!
Britain's ceased its metal production in '66 as mentioned, SOA was founded in '65, described here as several years ago so probably late 60's? But does make one wish it was longer and wonder what else is out there.

Thanks for sharing that and all best for 2011.


Richard Humm said...

I had a quick look through some old copies of Military Modelling, and found that Series 77 figures were advertised at £2.15 in the October 1972 issue. That suggests that the article is from a year or two later, as they had gone up to £2.50.

SoA Shows North said...

Thanks for posting the article.

I was very interested to see the comment by Deryck Guyler on the formation of the Society of Ancients.

'Splitters' from the BMSS :)

I have started a gallery of early photos at

(it runs a thumbnail slideshow on my 'Ancients on the Move' blog)

Phil Steele
The Society of Ancients

Hugh Walter said...

I was lucky enough to be shown round that garden about 4 years ago by John, it's showing its age a bit, but is still a magnificent sight. You can see it out of the window of Waterloo-Southhampton trains if you look hard enough, but I can't remember if it's North-bound or South! And you really need a stopping service, the inter-city's go too fast!!!