Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lionel Tarr

Further to my previous posts on Lionel Tarr, here are what appear to be some original photographs of his wargame set up in his loft, for his Russo-German Campaign of 1941, and his use of an over-the-table net for dogfighting aircraft. Interesting to note the militaria - caps, gas mask, medals - hanging on the wall.

Don Featherstone's captions are shown below each photo

Blimey! Where did that company spring from? Surprise attack by Russian Guards eat of Berislavl

Kolchos 505. The first snow.

Stalingrad reconstructed by solo-gamer Lionel Tarr for his Russo-German campaign 1941.

Stalingrad South

Air-wargaming - a dogfight between aircraft suspended in an over-the-table net.


MSFoy said...

That really is very impressive - I'm particularly taken with the technique of balancing a warplane on his head - just a touch of HG Wells about that. Presumably someone would throw boxing gloves at him to shoot it down.

More classic 1950s wallpaper in photos as well - great stuff!

littlejohn said...

really amazing images of the early days! wow! classic wargaming at it's best...and those buildings!...