Thursday, 22 July 2010

Mystery Napoleonics take 3

These are Clive N's photos of the figures in his possession.


Maverick Collecting said...

I'm even more sure they're home made, that Hussar is on a poor copy/casting of the smaller version of the Matchbox/Lesney pony from the 1-75 series horse box's.

MSFoy said...

Home made: they may well be, though they seem to be surprisingly widespread if they are. The difference between a small handcrafting workshop and someone's home is a bit marginal for me - I have some Ehmke figures which are as home made as you can get, but not without provenance. If you read the History of Greenwood and Ball on VINTAGE20MIL (the early bit), it sounds pretty much home made to me, and description of the hand soldered harness and accessories, separate bases and individual animation is similar. But, of course, you could well be right. I'd just like to know whose home it was!