Thursday, 29 July 2010

An English Civil War Encounter, by David Barnes, Wargamer's Newsletter #184 July 1977

The earlier posts about Bill Holmes' campaign diary and Ed Saunders' commissioning of water colours from his table top battles put me in mind of this lovingly illustrated battle report by David Barnes from Wargamer's Newsletter July 1977.


charla51 said...

The article mentions that the rules were a Newsletter publication. Does anyone know what these rules were?

The Old Metal Detector said...

There were seven sets of rules by Tony Bath (Ancients and Medieval) and Don Featherstone (1750, Napoleonic, American Civil War, late 19th Century including Colonial, and 1917 in German South West Africa) which were republished in compendium form by Athena in the early 80s. This of course does not include Renaissance/English Civil War. I don't remember ECW rules, so whether this is another set not included in the compendium, or rules by someone else published in the Newsletter, I don't know. If anyone out there does, and knows when they were published, I could see if I've got them.


The Old Metal Detector said...

Have now dug out my copy of the Athena Compendium - it does contain ECW rules by DF and also DF medieval rules (as well as the Tony Bath set), and Phil Barker rules for 1944 Normandy wargames.

I will add a post about these rules later


Mark said...

David Barnes was my hero. His sketches of battles in Wargamers' Newsletter inspired me more than many photos in the glossy professional mags that followed.

I still have this copy. My other favourite battle in Wargamers' Newsletter illustrated by Dave was Freeman's Farm.

Thanks for the memories!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Excellent - I remember with great fondness all those little sketches David Barnes did in "Lone Warrior" magazine... I wonder if it's time for a recollection on his wargaming life, he was certainly one of the "faces" in the hobby I think? I'd certainly like to know more...