Sunday, 23 May 2010

Almark plastic British Infantry and Heavy Weapons sets

Over on The Old Metal Detector I posted some information on the Almark metal and plastic WW2 figures sculpted by Charles Stadden.

As it is illustrated by conversions of the British Infantry and Heavy Weapons plastic sets, I thought this article from Almark's Modelworld magazine of January 1974 might sit better here.

In it Bryan Fosten covers British Army Battledress 1939-45, illustrated with figures converted by Don Skinner and Noel Ayliffe-Jones. I don't remember reading this article before - it has something of the feel of John Sandars' 8th Army in the Desert series in Airfix Magazine.


Sir William the Aged said...

How well I remember these sets and this very article! Back when the figures were still readily available I used several of the conversions from this article, along with several Airfix Bren Carriers and a couple of trucks, to make a very effective British company for skirmish-level gaming. These were excellent figures and mixed well with the Hinchliffe 20mm WWII stuff that was available.


Ross Mac said...

I recently found 1 or 2 stragglers in my spares box. 30 years of shirking their duty! Mind you thanks to that article, 1 of them is actually an amputee!

Anonymous said...

I managed to buy about 60 of these a few years ago from someone in California and now have a wargames battalion (with some Matchbox mixed in. Nice figures and good to see this article

LesBT said...

Almark also produced some 1/35 WW2 german plastic figures.