Thursday, 12 November 2009

Humbrol Authenticards Series 2 Napoleonics

In the long ago pre Osprey and pre interweb days, uniform information was hard to come by. Maybe people of a certain age will therefore remember how exciting the release of the Humbrol Authenticards was. A joint effort to sell Humbrol Authentic Military Colour enamel paints and Hinchliffe 25mm Napoleonic figures, series 2 illustrated Napoleonic uniforms using coloured versions of Norman Swales' line drawings of the Hinchliffe Napoleonics range. (Series 1 included World War 1 and 11 aircraft and WW11 tanks).

I am glad to say that Hornby Hobbies Ltd, who now own both Airfix and Humbrol, have given their permission for me to post the series 2 cards here. I am definitely missing #3, which looks like it must have been British Napoleonic Infantry, and I suspect there may have been a #15 illustrating Austrian Cavalry. If anyone has either of these or can provide scans of them, or indeed if anyone knows if there were other in the series beyond #14, I would be glad to hear from you.

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