Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Airfix Waterloo Wargame

Not quite the Battle of Waterloo Farmhouse Assault set, this wargame had hard plastic versions (I think) of some of the Napoleonic range figures.

From the back cover of Wargamer's Newsletter 177 from December 1976.


Vince The Savage said...

I believe this game came with measuring calipers of the sort often shown on the covers of wargame books but rarely actually used in a game (I tried once and they knocked the figures over). A friend played it as a boy and reme,mbers it as brutally complicated. Mind you he thought the same about the Colditz Boardgame...

Mosstrooper said...

Remember seeing this when I was young , but sadly never got around to buying it

Anonymous said...

Played this game endlessly with my older brother. Figures were hard polythene-cavalry bases for the Brits were so narrow they always fell over. And yes, it used calipers to measure distance!


Anonymous said...


Just discovered this Waterloo Wargame, still in its box, in our attic. Some of the figures need repairing. Has the rules, mat, Waterloo dial, dice,some of the frames that the figures were attached to. Doesn't appear to have the callipers.

If anyone is interested in more information, pictures or making me an offer for it, please email me pamdisley@tiscali.co.uk