Saturday, 12 September 2009

Rose 20mm Wellington BR5 - one of the earliest 20mm figures?

As part of a large joint purchase of a collection of original Rose 20mm Napoleonic castings, I have acquired 32 of these figures (also 72 Old Guard Grenadier drummers, but that's a different story...). The figure is marked 001 Rose on the underside. Although it doesn't appear on any of the Rose lists it seems almost certainly to be a very early version of the BR5 figure mentioned in the write up on Rose on Vintage 20mil. As it might very possible date from the late 1950s this is quite a curiosity, hence posting it here. The 001 code suggests it may even have been Rose's first figure.


Anonymous said...

And thanks for the samples - I'll be getting moulds of them done within the next few weeks. I'll also be bringing out the Rose British Napoleonic gun at he same time.

Meanwhile, must dig out my password.....



Xaltotun of Python said...

Update 13/4/2012:

Today received a 1958 Rose catalogue from Vectis auctions.

In 1958, figure BR100 is the Duke of Wellington who cost 2/6!