Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Jack Alexander - Colonial Gunboat

Jack Alexander is the man behind the Jacklex ranges, and also designed the Miltra 1/72 WW11 figures for Bish Iwaszko. Jack's wargaming is still going strong and through Alan I have some pictures for you of his modelling skills, here with his colonial gunboat, followed by a steam launch, and an American Civil War Colonial house. Please note that these are private modelling projects, and are not available commercially or for sale. I have always had a particularly soft spot for Jack's colonial figures and I hope others will also be specially pleased to see these pictures.


Peedee said...

I knew Jack very well back in the day. I still remember a battle with his Franco-Prussian war armies at the Garrison wargames club where Jack’s Prussian cavalry was practically wiped-out in seconds flat because a photographer from Miniature Warfare wanted a shot of the cavalry charging through a small ravine.

He is one of life’s good guys without a doubt. Knowing I had a sizeable ACW set up, he used to always slip me some of his “new” ACW figures pre-release – and they were ace! Good to see he’s still “soldiering on”.


Peter (Leonard)

DC said...

You are a bad man Clive - you've got me browsing the Jacklex lists at Spencer Smith. Lovely models, any more to come?

Duncan in Berlin said...

Hi Clive

Great blog...I love the pictures of the Gun Boat too.

I bought my first Jaclex figures a few years ago and have now only just managed to get them finished...

Have a look at the link



The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Duncan, I had seen your plastic colonials on ETS - they are lovely